Quality materials are essential to quality woodwork.

In today’s internet fueled, big-box marketplace it isn’t very difficult to find a door, window, cabinet, or piece of furniture that looks fairly nice and is priced attractively low. The decision to purchase something unique and hand-crafted in place of an off-the-shelf product may seem luxurious or unnecessary. However, as we look closer at the true costs of cheaply made goods, the value found in choosing something well made over something inexpensively produced becomes clear. One of the foundations of this distinction is material choice.

Over the past several decades hundreds of new, man-made wood products have been popularized for use in many types of manufacturing. These composite materials are generally produced on an industrial scale and are comprised of a slurry of varying sized particles of wood bound together with adhesives. The binders used in this process are often highly toxic not only for the manufacturer, and the environment, but also the homeowner. Off-gassing of carcinogenic chemicals, including formaldehyde, is a common problem associated with engineered-wood even after the finished product has been installed in the home. These materials also lack important qualities of wood, causing them to breakdown and become useless once they are exposed to the elements.

In the name of lowered costs, many of the doors, windows, cabinets, and pieces of furniture built today are constructed primarily with these materials and then masked with a thin veneer of real wood. The finished product, although reasonably attractive, is less durable, less repairable, and is questionable to your health as well as the health of the woodworker who made it.

Baer Joinery is committed to the use of real wood in most everything that we produce. We respect the inherent range of characteristics found amongst different species of wood and work directly with our clients to distinguish the best fit for each individual project. Our pieces highlight the natural beauty of real wood and balance the needs of tensile strength and durability with aesthetic preferences. Everything that we produce is heirloom quality, fully maintainable, and built for a lifetime of enjoyment.