Traditional joinery for strength and longevity

Whether we are talking about an entry door, a dining room table or a kitchen full of cabinetry the situation is the same, strong woodwork relies on strong joinery.  Wood joinery is an art form with techniques that have been developed over thousands of years.   Many early joints still prove the most effective choice for strength in joinery.

Modern, manufacturing of wooden products such as doors, windows and furniture often relies on the sole use of glued dowels to join pieces of wood together. Imagine the ubiquitous Ikea style of construction… Easy to put together, short lifespan. This type of joinery serves to improve speed and profits for the manufacturer at the expense of the strength and quality of the finished product.  The surface area available to hold glue in this type of joint is minimal, creating a weak point that is certain to fail over time.

Alternatively, traditional joinery such as a mortise and tenon joint exponentially increases the surface contact of the joint, creating an overall stiffer, stronger joint that is less likely to weaken or fail. Mortise and tenon joinery has been used for 7000 years, and continues to be a great choice for many applications.

We believe that modern joinery should be beautiful, functional, and strong.