Natural finishes for beauty, durability, and the environment

The primary function of a wood finish is to protect the finished piece from damage and deterioration.  Exposure to the elements can quickly destroy an inadequately finished door, window, or piece of furniture. Finish can also highlight the natural luster of wood creating a surface that is not only durable, but beautiful to look at and pleasing to touch.

Choosing the best possible finish is an important decision that can sometimes feel overwhelming. Finish options are abundant and not all finishes are appropriate for a given application. Many commonly used finishes, although durable, are difficult to maintain. A single scratch or worn spot can require the stripping and refinishing of the entire surface.

At Baer Joinery we choose to work primarily with plant and mineral based pigments as well as naturally derived, low-VOC finishes. Our hand-rubbed oil finishes are strong, beautiful, and easy to maintain and reapply, not to mention less toxic for the environment, for our woodworkers, and for your home.