Peter Baer

(520) 358-0911

John Peter Baer is a 6th generation woodworker raised in the Mennonite tradition of craftsmanship. His professional experience includes lutherie, designing and building furniture, doors, fine art frames, timber frame and log structures, as well as conservation and restoration of fine art and furniture. Peter’s fluency of the craft is the backbone of Baer Joinery and his critical mind makes him especially good at solving problems.

Jonathan Zucchi

Jonathan is originally from the forested hills and farmland of Scranton, Pennsylvania. As operations manager, Jonathan is responsible for making sure that things are going according to plan and that everyone is getting paid. Jonathan also loves tinkering with bicycles, making butcher blocks, and cooking food.


Jose Ramon Galaviz

Ramon is a powerhouse in the oil finishing department. Originally from Navajoa, Ramon has been doing oil finishes for decades. His knowledge base along with his unbelievably pleasant demeanor make Jose Ramon a highly valued member of the crew.

Born and raised in Moscow, Seva trained formally at the lyceum level in the production of art furniture. Skilled in a sculptural approach to woodworking, Seva enjoys playing with unconventional tools, and working through complicated challenges. He is inspired by the grandeur of the outdoors, and has spent a lot of time on the tops of mountains.

Philipp Kiep was born in St. Martin, in the Netherland Antilles, and raised in Pennsylvania. He completed a cabinetmaking apprenticeship in Oldenburg, Germany, in his father’s business, Förster GmbH, working on cold-molded wooden sailing yachts and retail interiors. As a journeyman, he worked for BDDW, a boutique furniture producer in New York City; built period-correct windows and doors in Philadelphia; and cabinetry for Jaynes of Albuquerque, New Mexico. He came to Arizona with his wife Jane in 2012.

Nicola Marshall


Nicola is our natural finish designer. Hailing from Karamea, New Zealand, Nicola has been working as an artist and painter in Tucson for 17 years. Formally trained at the Claremont School of Art, Nicola has a great eye and a masterful approach to blending the new with the ancient.

Chris Martin

Formally trained as boat builder, Chris is our maestro of cabinetry production. A former educator and maquiladora supervisor, Chris’ unique perspective produces practical cabinetry design, combining modern functionality with the quality of traditional joinery. When not at the shop, Chris can be found installing grey water harvesting systems around his house or out hiking with his dogs.

Jay is our resident Californian, and master of media. When he isn’t singlehandedly lifting heavy objects around the shop, Jay can be found obsessively editing video footage, and geeking out over backcountry bicycle routes. A talented documentarian and videographer, Jays work can be seen at

Gabor Tamas


Originally from Siklos, Hungary, Gabor does a bit everything for Baer Joinery. He enjoys fishing and is passionate about camaros. His specialty is the production of custom mouldings. He can be reached directly through his personal business, GT Moulding at 520.490.9050.